Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the Grave Yard

The Grave Yard is the first computer game that I downloaded. It's very reflective rather than action packed or goal-oriented. The setting is a cemetery within a busy city. Everything is so grey. Just shades of gray in the grave yard. The street sounds are clear and the moving clouds really evoke a real world experience.

Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn must have overdosed on Stephen King's novels when they dreamed this game. The game, based on the trial version, seems appropriate for an adult audience. Maybe some Goths would have the head for it. It may serve as a great lesson for a humanities or gerontology class. The class can ponder questions like, "Is life worth living after 50?" "What do you do when you're the only one left?" "Must old age be a time only for wrinkles, creaks, pains and memories?"

The long and short of it is that a player walks the old lady to a seat within the cemetery. She walks with a cane and needs many resting spells before she gets to the stone seat.

Once you seat her, a song comes on which reveals the thoughts in her mind. In fact, her face is superimposed over her seated self to suggest an introspective moment. She thinks of all the folks who've passed. She mentions the cause of death for each one. Once complete with her musing, it's time to walk her out of the cemetery. Remember, it takes time because she needs her rest spots.

The trial version is the one that I downloaded; I wasn't willing to get the the full blown edition. There are options in that play wherein the old lady can die.

Unfortunately, "death be not proud for so many of us" and aging graciously is rarely granted in the post industrial society. Granny's face is craggy. Her back is bent and her gait is slanted. Does old age really have to be so depressing? After "playing," the Grave Yard, I got up to do exercises until I got warm and slightly winded.

The last time Granny and I were together, she decided she didn't want to be so morbid. She took several steps forward and then reeled herself around. She liked that so much, she reeled herself around in the other direction. Soon Granny was dancing. Yes, my Granny was dancing in the grave yard. Before she got to the gates, she noticed a pathway and wanted to take a look but animation has boundaries. So Granny, did an about face and headed to the gate. All the dancing and peering got her little dizzy. She nearly walked into the gate but, I got her straghtened out before any collision.

No, that particular day Granny chose to listen to the chirping birds and meet the busy city life. Maybe a little psyllium husk and gotu kola would get her going.

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