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Experts say this generation of African Americans has the most educated, affluent and influential in society compared to previous ones. An unobtrusive scan into some homes reveal the luxury vehicles, outdoor grills, wine collections, oriental rugs, original artwork and home entertainment systems. In fact, many unmarried women own homes, whether they are condos or detached, single-family corner houses.

Any investment requires securing it. Consumers seek security measures that are not as costly as the items that they want guarded. People have options in home security systems. The state-of-the-art security systems use the home’s electrical system to transport electric signals from a control module to another module attached to a lamp or other electrical appliance in another part of the home. Others feature “redundant”, wireless and web-enabled components. Redundant means each component can detect breaks and transmit a notice to the online or remote center. These are significant innovations since the introduction of safes, deadbolt locks, alarms, motion sensors and closed circuit TV monitoring. State-of-the-art doesn’t trump time-tested security measures, however. So if the LCD intercom system permits sight and communication with people at your doors, keep it.

This product review foregoes describing market giants ADT, Brinks, Slomin and GE to highlight other effective market leaders.

InGrid Digital Home Protection
The complete system consists of My InGrid software, two-piece sensors, a tabletop console, a wireless handset with base, a keychain remote control, and a grid extender. All pieces are decorative yet discretely fit into any décor. The Basic kit secures homes that are no more than 1,500 s.f. It comes with three sensors, My InGrid software, the tabletop console and wireless handset with the base. Its retail price is $199 with a one-year surveillance contract, billing rate at $29.99 / month. The Homes kit is for homes and businesses under 2,500 s.f. It contains eight sensors, My InGrid software, the console, handset, grid extender and keychain remote control. It retails for $299 with a one-year surveillance contract. Visit to buy direct.

Visonic PowerMax Smart Home Security and Control System, retails for $209.00. The package consists of a keychain, Door/Window Wireless Contact, Table Console Dialer System and Transmitter. One lithium battery is provided. This package not only serves as intrusion detection but also notifies of gas, flooding, and smoke. The heart of the system is the PowerMax Table Console Dialer System and Transmitter. Similar to the InGrid Digital Home Security, it offers remote, mobile and in-house control.

Skylink Complete Deluxe Wireless Security Kit (model SC1000) retails for $232.95. Emergency Dialer Unit, Control Panel, Motion Sensor, 2 Door/Window Sensors, Keychain Transmitter, Emergency Dialer, 2 adaptors, three 9V alkaline batteries and three 12V alkaline batteries (no monthly service fee)
The Emergency Dialer Unit holds up to 9 telephone or pager numbers in memory as well as a emergency voice message. The numbers in memory will be rung up to 9 times.

CCTV Star 4 CH Complete DVR Security System for Office / Home, retails for $995.00.
Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are replacing VCRs and multiplexers in the closed circuit TV monitoring world. CCTV Star’s security systems comes a DVR, four IR color cameras, four 75-foot cables, wireless remote control and power supply. This monitoring system is designed for live play over the Internet. The DVR has 250 Gb disk drive storage capacity.

X10 Home Security System, How to set up a low-cost home security system using X10 by Michael Maikowski, Jefferson Technology Press, 2006. ISBN 0-9678917-1-X. $24.95
This book describes the detection system that uses a residence’s electrical system that’s called X10. Subjects covered are steps to construct a progressively more complex system which at its core includes modules, a controller box, video camera, motion sensing and remote monitoring.

Home Security, 2nd edition, by Vivian Capel, Newnes, 1997. ISBN 0750635460, $48.95.
This book describes the common ways burglars break in and measures to thwart them. Topics covered include space protectors, alarms and sensors

To learn about other security options and read consumer critiques and ratings visit such retailer Web portals as,, or

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At February 3, 2008 at 11:09 AM , Blogger techgaltx said...

I recently installed InGrid system in my home and extremely happy with it. It was easy to install and gives me security and much needed extra control, that I did not have with my old security system. I can see all the events that happen at my house and the website and send key ones to my mobile. I love it! Also monitoring service is always there. Its good to know that someone is always available for help. This was the same with my old security system, but here I get much much more for the same price.


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