Tuesday, January 29, 2008

GossipGirl, Revealed

Last night was the first time I saw GossipGirl. I got pulled into the mix of blogging, mobile life and decadence. It was quite by accident. When I do watch TV on Mondays, it seems that it's "How I Met Your Mother" that I'll get comfortable with. CBS has this irrestible folksy-charm formula that still works on me. CBS has been using it for decades.

I actually don't know what day "How I Met Your Mom" comes on. Last night's channel surfing ruled out "Gladiators," "Antique Roadshow" and 'Your Mother.'

About GossipGirl, it slipped through the radar. September 2007 was its first season and last night was a special episode called GossipGirl Revealed. The title is meant to draw regulars in because the big thing about the show is noone knows who's GossipGirl. The characters check into her blog throughout the day but can't figure out is she one of them or is she a terrific spy. She shoots candid closeups and her entries sound so familiar.

The January 28 airing of GossipGirl Revealed introduced me to Serena van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humpfrey, Rufus Humpfrey and Lily van der Woodsen. While it's the usual night time soap escapades, the parents--Rufus and Lily--look great. They're examples of what it is to be glorious 40--give or take emotional depth. Blair, the brunette, has the usual insecurity around blonde Serena. When will media ever get off these stereotypes? Blondes don't have more fun than other hair colors.

Being the techhead that I am, I did a search on GossipGirl to find out there are a series of nine teen novels written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Folks can't seem to get enough of these rich brats. A visit to CW 11-TV's Web site brought me to some great high tech fun. You can watch full episodes online by Saturday. 'Live the Life' let's your avatar experience the cushy, decadent life of the upper eastside. There are so many ways that CW 11 and series sponsors sell product. You learn what makeup is used and how to apply it; Old Navy has branded this entertainment and the featured music is downloaded from this Web site.

Keeping it real and concerned, global warming reduction tips are sponsored by Free 2 Be Green and to counter all the sex in the show, Stay Teen.org, a teen pregnancy prevention cause has a button and short video on the site.

Tip: Anyone who fancies herself a sho 'nuff videographer ought to log onto CW 11's site and craft a video using CW Lab, using mash ups. Video duration is 30 minutes. Hey you never know; that's how careers get started.

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