Friday, February 15, 2008

Meeting Up

Brooklyn 2.0 is a MeetUp group I recently joined. We gathered at Mooney's Pub on Flatbush Avenue, Weds., Feb 13. Nice crowd. The organizer Eric Rochow is an amiable sort. Then, of course the draft beer had everyone mellow and sociable. Rochow does podcasting about easy green practices for people. Check out Real World Green.

My personal agenda was hunting for tech stories and learning to blog more effectively. I was ecstatic with my finds. There are many developers living in Brooklyn. Of the plus 10 who showed that night, I was the only nondeveloper. Yuri Niyazov described an app to rival Google Reader. Another man tipped me Bar Camp, a developers conference held at Polytechnical U. This conference is free and requires that all attendees present an application or assist in a presentation of a new app.

People encouraged me to use other 'Net browsers like Firefox and Safari because of the great add-ons. Then, what I couldn't get from FAQ: how to get authority. You've got to submit your blog entry's URL with tags so that it can be read by others.
Meeting Up is great because life is all about experiences. What's better than a face-to-face experience?

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