Saturday, March 1, 2008

From the Ground Up PR

Time flew by since the last entry due to an emergency PR project. It requires a combination of conventional promotional tactics and using social media.

It's quite incredulous how you learn the real deal once a colleague asks for help. It's a longstanding human service organization that didn't get the knack of community and government relations. My task is to develop a rolodex and automatte contact database of community service providers and the elected. Flyers in English and Spanish were designed to herald an Open House and a staff and customer satisfaction survey need to be administered. Employees are so disgruntled that they're considering letting the ship sink.

After a couple days of focusing on newspaper, TV and radio media relations, it occurred to me that we needed to head to the blogosphere for higher impact. The client is sitting on a hot topic that folks would rally around (child care services) if they'd only get attention. Of course that's why I was called at the last moment to handle that.

Let me head back to the client. If things work out, I'll state the name.

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