Saturday, January 26, 2008

What I Love About Wired Magazine

Wired is one of my favorite magazines. My peculiar way of reading is to scan through it as I tear out the pages of advertising. Don't get me wrong; we need advertising but sometimes it gets in the way of the great stories and shorts in Wired. The magazine goes down smooth and some of that advertising is smooth, too. Some of the ads are quite informational.

The February 2008 issue with Sarah Silverman on the front has this pictorial essay about blog posts--The Secret Life Of A Blog Post. I usually pass on intricate flowcharts but I followed the colored dotted lines to see what made up the world between blogger and reader.

There are splogs or spam blogs that have "no one at home"; They're diversions that make money. Search engines, data miners, text scrapers and aggregators traverse your blog, looking for words and phrases that will be indexed and turned into key words. This makes it easy for other bloggers, readers, advertisers and corporations like Essence Communications to find out who is writing about them besides their staff and freelance writers.

After reading and studying The Secret Life Of A Blog Post, I wondered whether my efforts to hypertext were necessary. It appears the bots, spiders, AIs and feed readers are doing this with or without me.

I love Wired magazine, it makes technology so excitingly commonplace.

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