Saturday, December 29, 2007

Organic, Auction or Guerrilla?

After reading a few articles by Dave Pasternak, Kevin Lee and Mark Simon--all executives with Did-It--it sounds as if search engine marketing is over the heads of the average business professional. After all it is advertising on search engines. If search engines have particular algorithms that guide them that must mean you need to know programming or statistics to make intelligent moves.

Kevin Lee writes in "It's 10 PM Do You Know Where Your Brand Is?", "...advertisers don't want to find their advertising on a site that's espousing a point of view that doesn't fit the mainstream..." Dave Pasternak says, "The field is highly competitive and [there's] difficulty in succeeding with search," in his December 26, 2007 DMNews article.

Could it be that an advertiser has to follow the Chinese Restaurant Model of Advertising? This model was used by America Online a 15 years ago and now is called guerilla and virile marketing. Chinese restaurants--without PC or Mac--know that their menus have to be distributed thickly within the territory they're willing to deliver. Shouldn't new and existing merchandisers do the same but cyber powered?

Of course, they should. Pasternak recommends hiring a good agency and cautions that campaign automation tools to do it in-house are the diluted versions of what an agency uses in house (That's similar to the beef about hair care products used in salons vs. the same brand sold through retailers). Use them in good faith and know distributing postcards with your website prominently displayed by email, snail mail and P2P have to be in the mix.

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