Thursday, July 24, 2008

Twitter Shy

Always one to learn about the latest communication craze, I finally tried Twitter when someone informed me that it wasn't the side screens filled with text messages for panelists at tech conferences that were the buzz. It was all the Twittering that went unnoticed. Always on the watch for a hook-up or meet-up, the C-level audience is busy telling "the crew" in and outside of the convention center what they are doing now within 140 characters. Yes, Twitter says keep it short but interesting.

A social entrepreneur who launched Choose To Evolve dotcom came to my mind as just the right person to run with Twitter. After all she could show by example what it means to choose to evolve. Everyone that's on her weekly teleconferences could now get clued into her life through their mobile device, laptop or PC. I invited her to join Twitter so we could twitter together. Don't you know she was Twitter shy?

Rather than click on the URL sandwiched in her invitation e-message, she emails me to find out what this is. I explain the same thing the invitation said in my own words. Her response to my email was to keep her posted. I told her I could do that only when she starts to twitter.

Hey, does Twitter make you think twice about evolving?

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