Friday, July 4, 2008

NYC Schools Have a Brief Scare

The Mayor told the Chancellor, so the Chancellor told the Principals. The Chancellor told the Principals told them that it would be just $500,000 cut from their operating budgets for the next school term.

The Chancellor shook in his boots and so did the Principals. But the City Council members of NYC didn't shake or quake. They roared. They roared with the Keep The Promise Coalition. The City Council reminded everyone that it was the Council that passed the budget and they weren't passing any budget that didn't consider NYC's youth. They wouldn't allow a $428 million cut from the Department of Education's budget in the face of a $4.2 billion surplus.

Though the Council members made their vows, the Principals didn't hear. They started working on budgets that didn't make sense--sort of like playing insane games with a mad man and trying to be realistic. June 29 in the PM, the NYC Council was victorious. Schools didn't get slashes; they got raises. Other youth programs got their money, too.

The lesson to this story is when in need, follow the chain back to the real decision-maker.

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