Monday, June 4, 2007

Nothing Like A Great Vacation

There's nothing like a great vacation to take your conscious mind from work to beautiful scenery and beautiful people. I went to West Palm Beach to visit a beautiful person. He served me great food like salad, Alaska King Crab, bacalao and wine. Yes, I was off the vegetarian plate while away.

West Palm Beach didn't seem small but it is compared to New York. It's unofficial population is about 100,000. New York has over 8 million. Maybe it was the palm trees, the sun and the one-story homes spread across lots that had it look big. West Palm Beach does cover a lot of ground. Sweet West Palm Beach has a performing arts center, civic center, comedy club, bars, restaurants, golf courses, beaches and radio stations that pump the volume. While there, "Just For Sistahs" exhibition featured a locked hair fashion show, a tango demonstration, a gospel singer, Tank and Rachel Brown. There were other attractions but what I must confess is that I didn't know beautiful Rachel Brown nor crazy Tank.

Yes, too much WBAI and not enough knowing what other people are thinking about. Rachel Brown's lyrics are full of hope and empowerment. Tank reminds me of R. Kelly. It surprised me to see grown sisters clamouring after this guy. Well, to each his own.

The many lockticians at this event assured me there were cultural folks who wanted an expert to keep them looking good. Hopefully, beautiful crowns cover beautiful minds.

Coming back from the trip--my play face on--it occurred to me the diffferent promotional ideas for my business that I hadn't used. If it were for a client, the ideas would flow like a river but for Planning To Succeed, there must be some beavers busy building their dams in my mind. That's what vacations do take your conscious mind of the regular so that ideas in the subconscious can seep out.

For my beautiful friend in Florida, be blessed.

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