Thursday, April 12, 2007

Technorati Link Up

Please visit Planning To Succeed to talk about nonprofit management, social media, public relations and some out-of-the-box ideas.

Akosua Albritton is a woman who doesn't neatly fit any one category. She's right & left brained and an extroverted introvert. Her skills set is writing, explaining, organizing, and planning. She enjoys working with large groups when she's not surfing the 'Net. People would say she's forward thinking to a point somethings she discusses aren't readily understood until it's heard on the radio or TV. Go figure.

Her business life began in broadcast media sales & promotion at WHUR-FM; switched sides of the table and did a stint in media buying at Grey Advertising (TV fringe); couldn't accept the amount of hours devoted to keeping spreadsheets up-to-date (rating & shares), so she works in the nonprofit sector doing organizational development only to find public relations and marketing are the enduring passions. Akosua currently writes about technology for Our Time Press newspaper. Read her words at; go to Columns and select "Wired For Success.

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