Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cuba on the Map

I grew up never seeing Cuba on TV weather maps. I saw it in atlases and on globes--never on broadcast TV. 2007 has ushered in a new era.

When network TV does the weather now the island of Cuba is visible. Can you imagine what is to be blanked out of people's consciousness for four decades and then poof!, you exist?

Can it be that Fidel Castro is near death? Does Cuba have a successor? When Castro finally makes the transition what will become of the biggest Caribbean Island? Will the populace run head long into consumerism? Will the ex-patriots living in Florida and elsewhere acknowledge patience has its virtues? This reminds of how patiently the Greek and Romans waited to infiltrate and then, take over Kemet (aka Egypt). They waited thousands of years for the "lotus and papyrus."

After contacting professors of Latin American Studies in and out of NYC, it amazed me how no one had an answer to the return of Cuba on network weather. The closest remark addressing it was that the Weather Channel used maps that included Cuba.

Computer graphics are something else: airbrush out and airbrush in.

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