Friday, April 6, 2007

Introducing Neighborhood Anchored Funding


Contact: Akosua Albritton March 30, 2007
718 783 5744

Planning To Succeed Launches Neighborhood Anchored Funding ©
For Urban Nonprofits

- Planning To Succeed launches a proven direct marketing strategy for nonprofits requiring a diversified funding base. Known as Neighborhood Anchored Funding © (NAF), this funding strategy allows community-based and grassroots organizations to experience comparable financial support from clients that national organizations, radio stations, hospitals and art galleries receive. Neighborhood Anchored Funding operates on the premise that every community has pockets of affluence.

NAF © uses the latest technology to uncover area socioeconomic statistics and then, conducts state-of-the-art donor prospecting, donor management, appeals communication and community and government relations to increase revenue and raise public awareness for nonprofits. Using New York City as an example, the 2004 Annual Report of Social Indicators reveals, “In 2004, New York City’s health care and social assistance sector accounted for 18% of private employment. In Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens this sector accounts for 31%, 38% and 21% of borough employment, respectively. Given nonprofits are key providers in this sector; it is essential that nonprofits include individuals and local businesses in their support base to ensure ongoing, quality service delivery and employment.

Company Principal, Akosua Albritton, advances the notion that US urban communities have pockets of affluence and even lower income households are willing to give money to a good cause. The decennial national census bears this out. In the 2000 Census, communities with 25% of residents receiving some form of public assistance contained census tracts with households whose incomes at $60,000 and higher. This fact is explained by the tendency for ethnic groups to develop enclaves that include a range of household incomes. Further, lower income households are willing to support churches, social clubs, and pay for child care services if they believe they are worthy institutions. In effect, “there is a gold mine in the backyard; uncovering it is the first step.”

Planning To Succeed is a development and communications consulting firm serving nonprofits, businesses and government agencies. Specialty areas include program planning; community needs assessments, proposal writing, special events, Internet marketing and government and community relations. Please visit us anytime at to learn more about the firm.

186 Prospect Place #64
Brooklyn, NY 11238
718 783 5744 347 881 6509

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