Thursday, October 4, 2012

President Obama Wasn't Selling Snake Oil Oct 3

The Presidential Debates ought to draw out what a US Presidential candidate plans to do for the nation.  The moderator ought to keep the speakers to their times and pose thought-provoking and challenging questions.  Last night's debate was a gentlemen's beauty pageant.  The commentators liked the fact that Mitt Romney can keep a smile on his face.  While looking pleasant and being steady are great social skills, we need a President that isn't simply fluff or "a devil in a blue dress".

Though I honor national leaders, President Ronald Reagan is a fluff case in point.  Was he really The Great Communicator? Remember Reagan did say catsup was a vegetable and used unmarked charts to depict economic trends.  He was an average actor that used those skills to be the leader of the "free world."  Trouble was with his pleasant voice, pleasant smile, and joking, Ronald Reagan suffered with dementia while in office.  Americans must look more deeply into politics if we don't want adled or less than competent persons living in the White House.

My observations of President Obama's behavior are that he seemed tired and seemed preoccupied with a matter.  Of course, it's just my perception.  It was the first time that I saw his "play face."  It didn't surprise me that he and Michelle left the stage after greeting the Romney family.  If circumstances were such that the President had the liberty to wave and shake hands with the audience as he has done before, he would have done so last night.  I believe he left the way he did because he had to get back to work.  Our President did say that the security of the nation is on his mind daily.  His serious face, broken up by occasional very bright smiles, seemed pensive.

Like many Presidents before him, the position has taxed him as seen in the deeper creases around his mouth.  Barack Obama is no longer an Illinois State elected official or the US Senator from Illinois, he's Mr. President who's dealing with a Republican legislature that would rather let the nation run into the boulders than pass his decisions.  To agree, to collaborate would mean he ought to be respected.  It's like the old adage, "You'd cut off your nose to spite your face."  In this case, news commentators were vexing their nose.  The debate's seriousness was  trivialized by their statements as well as the Tweets from the cyber peanut gallery.

Romney stated he's been in business for 25 years.  That means he has business leaders as friends.  These friends may have lobbyists on Capitol Hill.  If Romney--Massachusetts- -Governor-self-proclaimed-business-executive--was to assume US Presidential responsibilities, one need only look at the wages and salaries paid at the Sports Authority and Staples stores to guess what life and income would be for the US citizenry.

Our President compared himself to President Abraham Lincoln (another man of African ancestry, though this fact is omitted from history books) who faced stiff opposition to his policies that are know hallmarks of our democratic republic.  Lincoln faced treasonous business and political leaders that were willing to sink the nation, rather than recognize the humanity of the Earth's first civilized, technologically-advanced people and peacefully end chattel slavery. President Obama experienced the downgrading of the US credit rating because Standard & Poors, "...changed our assumption on [revenue] because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measures that would raise revenues." These sons of Illinois have much in common.

Hopefully, President Obama will get a steam bath, massage, and a good night's rest the night before the next debate.  If the Presidential Debates are simply performances, then his intellect and power of speech won't cut it.  Obama will be rated on his tie, his smile, how long he looks at Romney, and his use of the right sound bites to stir emotions.  In the world of politics it's pretty looks and smiles.  So, let the beauty pageant continue.


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