Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New York Swelter

It's the fourth or fifth heatwave for NYC and counting. These heatwaves will not let up. In fact, humidity and high temperatures in the 90s will become common summer weather here. Beyond carbon emissions, global warming is a natural occurrence. Other planets in our solar system are warming up as well. These planets don't have throwaway paper-,plastic- and petroleum-dependent humans to contend with. Humans are just making it more unbearable. Living in a city intensifies the situation because the asphalt roads and cement sidewalks, curbs, and parking lots make the urban design seem orderly but it covers vegetation. Trees, bushes, and grass regulate the temperature, provide shade, absorb carbon dioxide, emit oxygen, and calm nerves. I frequently walk through streets and wish I had a jack hammer to break up the cement to free the Earth. It's just a daydream and won't act on it but the grass and weeds do their best find cracks and spaces in the cement and asphalt from where to sprout out. So knowing how great trees and bushes serve humanity, why not serve them? Get a pail of water and pour it in a tree tub near your house or apartment. The Department of Sanitation isn't watering the trees nor is the Department of Parks and Recreation, so New Yorkers have to do it. Put yourself in the place of a tree, your higher roots are cramped in the tree tub; your lower roots are slowly extending deeper into the Earth seeking moisture. The trees somehow. How long could humans live without water? Hey,share your Fiji water.

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