Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Believe InThe Six Degrees

Recent occurrences have me share a personal story rather than my usual news stories. Know that the six degrees of separation exist in your life. Everything you need and want will come through people you know or suddenly become acquainted with. This occurs for me time and time again. My fault has been not to act on what is presented.

A case in point, I developed a food preparation workshop series and I'm currently marketing it to senior centers in New York City. During the development stage, I called one center director Debra Holland and two program coordinators Mr. Chew and Mr. Boyd. My intent was to determine interest and see what needed to be part of the workshop. My conversation with Ms. Holland was turned around. She wanted me to have the answers and a fully fleshed program because this is what she's done before for her membership and planned to do in the next round of funding. She gave me a deadline to submit a document to her. I submitted earlier. She liked what she saw and said she'd tell other center directors about Tasty Food is Our Healthy Medicine workshops series. I followed the workshop description with a flyer.

This wasn't six degrees; it was one degree of separation. My conversation with the program coordinators uncovered that Mr. Boyd's director was collaborating with Ms. Holland to complete their respective refunding applications. Mr. Chew accepted the flyer and description. He said we could schedule after February.

Due to learning about the refunding application, I went to the Dept. for the Aging website to read the RFP. It revealed that health promotions is an essential service at senior centers wherein programs have to detail how they will actualize health education, physical education and nutrition.

The RFP was partially available, providing the first ten pages through download. The budget proposal and its instructions weren't available. That gave me the opportunity to contact the ACCO to ask questions and promote the workshop series.

Other similar situations have occurred for me. They all start by me thinking about a project and writing a framework. Within days, I receive an email or have a conversation that brings me much closer to realizing the idea. Please keep visioning, writing your ideas and be in a state of mindfulness in your walk through life habits. And, of course, share with others.

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