Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Does Bin Laden's Demise Impact the Economy?

The National Minority Business Council distributed an open letter to US President Barack Obama regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden. NMBC queried whether this slaying would quell American fears of terrorism and what could be done about the economy. While the link between the stalled economy and Bin Laden needs strengthening, it is an opportunity to reflect on the anxiety, fear and terror Americans feel in these times.

Unfortunately, many Americans feel terror and fear about not having job or business prospects. Black Enterprise online reports that some employers aren't considering applicants that are presently unemployed or have been without employment for more than six months. This discrimination must stop now. There ought to be a monetary penalty for excluding unemployed people from hiring considerations in this transitioning economy. Thousands of jobs are permanently lost in the US. It is illogical to fault people for not having work, though they seek it.

Though sluggish in the US nations such as Brazil, Indonesia, India, China, and Australia experience upswings. Perhaps US citizens ought to get funds to resettle in other countries. We presently provide financial assistance to those from the previous Soviet Union to settle in the US.

President Obama needs to initiate needed work programs throughout the US. For example, the transportation infrastructure needs fixing. The system includes roads, bridges, tunnels, ferries, mass transit, signals and signage. People would have a stronger sense of accomplishment from this work than, for example, cleaning parks. Those working families requiring subsidized child care need to be assured it needs to be maintained. If child care subsidies are shut off, people can't go to work. This increases the unemployment figures.

We need to move rapidly into the green economy. Buildings need retrofitting and we need to encourage truckers and merchandisers to use biodiesel made from recycled restaurant oil. Though the oil runs in current diesel engines there's a strong resistance to buying and using it.

We have to drastically reduce the importation of goods from China to allow our quiet manufacturing plants to reopen and employ idle people. Americans have enjoyed 99 cent stores and big box retailer discounts at the expense of their next door neighbor.

Lastly, the banks need to bail out Americans who bailed them out by letting people stay in their homes. Occupied homes serve a street better than than vacant buildings that are targets for vandalism or becoming drug dens. Some how even in bad times, there is some cheap intoxicant.


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