Friday, March 4, 2011

Wireless Giants, Mobile Device Makers Flaunt 4G Dreams

4G, LTE, Wi Max, or HSPA+ networks? They add up to the fourth generation in the long term evolution of getting-it-to-me-yesterday—crisp and clear. The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jan 6-9, was the platform for tablet, smartphone and modem makers Motorola, Lenovo, Samsung, Cisco, Asus and Dell to display their line of slim, lightweight and highly productive mobile tools. Wireless Service providers like AT&T (HSPA+), T-Mobile (HSPA+), Verizon (LTE) and Sprint (Wi Max) pointed to their networks as the best pathways to use the mobile devices.

The issue is narrowing the time for data transfers to complete or “downlink.” This is a speed competition between AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile to reach downloads speeds of 21, 42, 84 and 168 Mbps. AT&T’s HSPA+ network’s current speeds are around 6 Mbps. Their HSPA+ operates through faster backhaul. AT&T’s strategy will provide the fastest backhaul to the busiest cell sites first. AT&T marketing chief David Christopher announced the roll out of their line of 4G Android 3.0 tablets starting in the second quarter of 2011. The first will be a Motorola product whose dimensions are 10.1”, NVIDIA Tegra with dual core. During third quarter, AT&T will bring to the market an LTE tablet with additional LTE tablets.

On the street, first quarter 2011, sleek and sparse-worded cardboard posters in cellphone stores’ display windows beckon to passer-bys to take a look inside. Sprint offers HTC EVO Shift 4G™, HTC EVO 4G™ with Google and Samsung Epic. All three use Android OS and have access to the Android Market. The HTC EVO 4G with Google has front and back cameras to allow videoconferencing and 8 mg pixel still shots. Smartphones on sale include Blackberry and Android OS. “For an additional $10 to what you’re paying for your Verizon cellphone that doesn’t have Internet access, you could enjoy unlimited texting, Web, any-cell-service, and 450 free minutes to landlines before 7 PM,” explained Sprint sales associate Yasmira at a Brooklyn store. Sprint’s main office handles service switching and gives a $120.00 porting credit.

T-Mobile’s 4G experience is on smartphones, Dell Streak 7 Tablets, Dell Netbooks, and Dell laptop sticks. The choice of smartphones include HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola products. Further, T-Mobile TV™, which permits real time and on-demand streaming, is pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G has built-in video chat and a HD camcorder. “For $79.99, you can have a plan that covers both a smartphone and laptop,” Shanee T. said encouragingly. Even the security guard at T-Mobile store #8580 knows product information. He said “Samsung Galaxy S 4G had the fastest download speed, followed by HTC G 2.”

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