Thursday, March 3, 2011

Amazon Android App Store Still Shuttered

Amazon apparently wants to ‘open the doors’ to its Android App Store with all fixtures securely fastened, staff well-trained and products triply tested. The tech media world was abuzz with stories and blogs about this formidable contender to Google Android Market, the number one app store. Many, like Wired magazine and Techcrunch, thought the online service would launch October 2010; however, there’s still no word of a launch date. News bits orbit around it, though.

The enterprise’s critical path includes meeting with app developers and device makers. App developers are concerned about the reliability of the site, ease of finding their products, absence of spam and revenue. Google Android Store is said to have the spam and difficult identification of product but the developers set their prices. Amazon’s pricing strategy involves accepting the developers’ list prices and the final price set is made by Amazon. The developer’s will receive 70% of each sale proceeds. Amazon is in the extreme mode to sign deals with device makers to get Amazon app store bundled within the devices.

Consumers will access Amazon Android App Store through which has the reputation for connecting one product to its peripherals or similar product. In this case, Android apps to mobile devices. The store will be open to all Android platforms. People will enjoy Amazon’s recommendations that are given to other products and services within the site. One may purchase the apps and have them immediately sent to their phones.

The App store will be available only within the US. Other contenders in the Android app store market include AndSpot and SlideMe. Though smaller, these suppliers use size to their advantage. Amazon is a multilayered enterprise, geographically spread across parts north, east, south and west.

“Amazon has constraints we do not have. As a small start up of our nature, we can afford to take greater risks, we have less bureaucracy, we will work around the clock and other factors that contribute to faster movements in the market,” explains And Spot ceo and co-founder Ash Kheradmand. Kheradmand has “a wait and see” attitude regarding the shuttered Amazon store. The operating and marketing decisions are based on current market activity. Kheradmand explains that the “strategy is not based upon anything that Amazon does specifically. Our eyes are much more on the Android Market as that is the default app market on Android. Having said that, depending on what amazon does exactly and the traction they gain, we will react accordingly.”

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