Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 24 is 350 Parts recognition day

Summer rolled into fall and I've been battling with roaches and flies for months. I finally laid down more roach motels because I have misgivings about mashing these critters. They say to me, "We don't know nothing about apartments or buildings or property. We just know where to find water and food."

I'd mash them some more and a scout would run back to tell the others of my deathly ways. These critters said, this time, "We were here before humans got here and will be here after you leave." It's very true, roaches haven't changed their appearance in millions of years and have withstood fire, volcanos, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice and droughts.

This had me think about the ways human civilizations have perished on this globe. Machu Pichu came and left; so did Pompeii and Timbuktu. Humans have a way of taxing the ecosystem and, then cry, "Mercy!" when the rivers and lakes dry up or the soil can't grow plants. Imagine there are people willing to buy melted glacier ice from the Antartic without thinking how harmful chopping it up will be for the whole planet.

God love Al Gore and his global connections because he's put climate change and human sustainability center stage. 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe level for human existence. On October 24, people and institutions around the globe will do something--rally, fast, present petitions--to demand a breathable--for humans, plants and critters--atmosphere.

To take part in this death-defying action visit Get information, resources and events to save humans from themselves. As I said before the roaches told me, "We were here before humans got here and will be here when you leave." Don't prove them right.

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