Monday, April 20, 2009

Economic Wellness Stimulus Package

The next Queen Afua Wellness Institute fasting shut-in, slated for March 21, 2009 at Harlem’s National Black Theater, will be a decidedly different event for the public. Promoted as the Economic Wellness Stimulus Package, this shut-in showcases the preliminary results of a twelve-week disease prevention and optimal wellness program, which is a collaboration between Queen Afua, holistic wellness care supervisor and Dr. Bernadette Sheridan, MD, FAAFP.

Since January 4, 2009, twenty-seven people have followed a regimen of nutrition, colon care, exercise, evidence-based aroma and herbal therapy and affirmations to cure such ailments as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, diabetes, asthma and hypertension. Dr. Sheridan, a family practice physician, explains, “To get someone healthy, you have to look at the family as a whole to understand the patient’s environment and support system.” Dr. Sheridan had been searching for a healthy interface between allopathic medicine and holistic lifestyle changes. When one of her patients introduced her to Queen Afua, last August, they both felt an instantaneous connection. Queen Afua explains that they “fell into each other arms.” Upon completion of a four-month Health Thyself program at the physician’s office, the two planned a twelve-week wellness program that would be scientifically tracked.

While Queen Afua supervises exercise, nutrition and affirmation activities, Dr. Sheridan oversees the weekly weight and blood pressure checks for everyone and the glucose monitoring for those with diabetes. Each month the twenty-seven, known as The Magnificent Ones, get comprehensive medical examinations including blood work, body mass index, and percentage of fat. In their ninth week, The Magnificent Ones have lost an aggregate of 180 pounds and one of the diabetic patients is off all medications. The twelve week study ends April 8, 2009. Thereafter, Dr. Sheridan must prepare a paper, inclusive of statistics, that must stand up to the scrutiny of the medical community.

The Economic Wellness Stimulus Package is free to the public. It features a testimony from one of The Magnificent Ones, the City of Wellness Reality Show and the usual round of tonics and water. Queen Afua will sign her latest book, The City of Wellness. For further information contact the Queen Afua Institute at 718 221 HEAL.

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