Thursday, April 9, 2009

PC Knowldege Base

Last week, I had one inciddent after the other with a Compaq Presarion 5200. Anyone with a little PC sense, knows the PC is outdated. Yes, but I hold onto it nonetheless. It gets less and less.

First the keyboard and mouse would freeze. I figured out that if I didn't touch the keyboard, the mouse worked indefinitely. Trouble is I can't write new email nor respond to email. The same is true for other applications.

For a couple weeks, I went between public spaces with a flashdrive to write. Imagine being on deadline and having to find a free PC to write and, then, send the material.

Two PC technicians explained that serial ports blow. Maybe that was the problem or maybe a virus was wreaking havoc. If so, just back up the harddrive, and reformat it. That's simple. Of course it's not simple. An external harddrive is required that must be formatted NTFS and the skill to know how to reformat the C:/ and D:/ drives.

Mind you, I'm not a computer geek, though I love to write about it. Apparently, I'm getting my geek certificate on the sly because I'm learning and doing. I had to talk to India four times but I'm learning.


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