Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CES Unveiled 2009

I really enjoy the press preview for this event. For one, I get to see product that most won't see unless they travel to Las Vegas or until it gets to the market.

The press conference included some good questions for CEA CEO Gary Shapiro. One was about the closing of Circuit City. Yes, this economy have boards cutting people off at the knees to maintain their salaries. Shapiro looked at from the point of people losing jobs and reduction in competition. Overall, consumer electronics will weather this crisis because it is the cheaper alternative to travel, amusement parks, going to the theater or cinema. Ultimately, as more product gets the Green seal, energy consumption is reduced. In fact, more makers are returning to biodegradable packaging.

Diana Ross is the 2009 act for the Las Vegas show. After Mary J. Blige, CEA scratched it head to come up with another solid crowd pleasure. Shapiro said why not a stellar act with staying power like Diana Ross to mark three decades of existence.

The exihibit hall was the usual wonderfully party atmosphere. Great hors d'oeuvres and desserts. This year they included rice noodles which is great substitute for wheat-intolerant diners. Great bartenders and media schmoozing with industry people to handle gadgets and make deals.

I took a break in the Inada Sogno Massage Chair. It really is a cut above other massage chairs because it not only rolls up and down one's back and vibrates, it stretches your back and squeezes your toes and hands.

The first thing that caught my eye was JAWBONE earbuds. They're these sleekly darling bluetooth earclips, rectangular and textured leather. The company uses a long-necked black model to show it off. Could it be that research reveals the people hot on bluetooth are black women or did this model win "best silhouette?" While I don't know the answer, the product and model look hot.

Sorry, no photos. Click on the links.

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