Friday, September 26, 2008

Are Yahoo Groups So Expired?

Two years ago at a biotechnology conference, a PR Newswire employee brusquely explained that doing Yahoo Group just wasn't the thing to do anymore. He didn't school me on what I ought to do. Luckily, I was blogging and learning about Meet Up. Much later, I got turned onto This past winter, I was clued into Ning which allows anyone to start her personal social media.

Where communication is key, any avenue that connects you with people, ideas and opportunities is worthy. Yahoo Groups may be accessed via email or online. There's a moderator that may choose to read every submission before putting it out for every member of the group or every submission goes straight to the group.

While different forms of social media emerge--Dodgeball, Twitter, Ning, MeetUp, radioblogs, teleconferences--Yahoo groups remain viable. I read one from Phenomenal Woman-Northeast and was amazed by the mix of personal rant, political opinion, resource exchange and event notices. It was the end of September and my calendar was checkered through November.

The same thing occurs if you get involved with Meet Up, Twitter, teleconferences, dodgeball, ad infinitum. If people believe they're being heard or they're connecting to others, then it's gold.

I also think writing letters is cool.


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