Thursday, March 29, 2007

Introductions Are In Order

Back in 1992, Planning To Succeed began as a management consulting firm for nonprofits in New York City. I opened it to serve colleagues and, later expand to new faces and places. After working as a nonprofit manager in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens, I got jaded by the "half-successes" too many groups yielded. The half-success of getting funded but not receiving enough for optimal effectiveness. The half-success of being dedicated to serving the community but not doing regular and varied outreach so more people know the nonprofit. The half-success of hiring staff but not doing effective staff development and worse, not giving the coup de grace quick, fast and in a hurry to employees who need to be long gone.

The work has been fun because it's about engaging people in conversations about realizing their success. Many want it and make it happen; some don't believe they deserve it and others are too busy to work their plan. Can you see now why the firm is called Planning To Succeed? It may morph into another label; for now it's my mantra.

It's 2007 and 15 years of experiences and skills to share. Planning to Succeed serves nonprofits, businesses and government agencies needing organizational development and communications support. I have a passion for information technology, consumer electronics, media arts and public relations. So much so that I report about in consumer and business publications. My clients benefit from it. What you can look forward to are posts about products reviews, website reviews, where tech and marketing merge, consumerism and tech how-to's for personal and business use.


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