Monday, November 5, 2007

Is Cramping That Bad?

There are TV ads for a new contraceptive pill that reduces menstruation to four periods a year. This pill is called Seasonique. Maybe the name indicates that a consumer only bleeds with the change of the seasons. The ad features one woman who pleases both her emotional side, dressed in jeans and a gorgeous empire waist blouse, and her logical side, dressed in office attire.

The sides of this lady are satisfied in knowing that they have an effective contraceptive and fewer bleeding episodes. This is 2007, not 1977. There's a HIV/AIDS pandemic going around and this lady is dealing with a product that doesn't protect her from HIV/AIDS, vaginal infections and STDs. Sometimes this ad runs with another ad about a pill that counters a virus--papilloma?--that's presently associated with cervical cancer. Just what are advertisers and the pharmaceutical industry saying to women? I say it's a confused and lethal message. On one hand, you have something that allows unprotected sex. On the other, there's something that deals with the lethal affect of unprotected sex. Of course, the ads must include side effect information. The side effects are worse than the bloating and cramping that can occur with menstruation. Do you really want to deal with high or low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea or headaches for the sake of some moments of pleasure? Aren't there alternatives out there?

If you're willing to give up dairy, you'll soon notice that the cramping and backaches that you had during menstruation go away. If you're willing to drastically reduce your sugar and corn syrup intake, you'll notice that headaches and irritability go away. This is not just for "that time of the month" but everyday. Things that had your emotions run amok, don't trigger strong emotional reactions anymore. Isn't that terrific? Instead of dreading your monthly friend's visit, you'll be laughing with her. You'll be a woman in her flowers, a sister with ase.

About preventing pregnancy, women just have to get with the program. Men have to put on the condom or you put the condom on them. Men who balk about not getting "that sweet feeling" have to grow up to the responsibility of fatherhood. Sex = Pregnacy. There's no getting around it. In this era of "friends with benefits", "associates", "jump-offs" and "hook-ups", eat your fruits and vegetables to cultivate a level head, slim body and regularity. Keep the condoms and love gloves around because, right now, it's nothing but a passin' thang.

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