Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don’t Miss DigitalLife Ever Again

DigitalLife is a major consumer technology trade show. In its fourth year, technologists and consumers visit Jacob K. Javits Center the fourth weekend in September to watch, handle, sample, experience and click the latest HD TVs, cellphones, PCs, digital cameras and virtual life gaming products. This year it was open from September 27 – 30. Products were organized around five DigitalLife Lifestyle Zones: Digital Defense Zone, DigitalKidz Zone, Digital Memories Zone, Mobile Living Zone and Web 2.0 Zone. There is also the Tournament Area, meeting rooms and keynote address/conference center area. Great picks include M-Audio music recording products, Toshiba’s HD DVD player, Squawkers McCaw. The DigitalKidz Zone featured products for girls six years and up that would shame some women. Girl Tech’s IM-Me and Video Journal put young girls on the fast track for life planning and communication. IM-Me is a wireless messaging system that communicates with only other IM-Me devices. Video Journal is a digital camera and software combo that creates a calendar and digital journal. MediaFlo USA ‘s FLO TV puts live TV on cell phone. So remember: late September means DigitalLife at Jacob K. Javits Center.

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