Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quite Off The Tech Topic: Reproductive Rights

There is an emerging woman's health organization that has an exhaustive survey to determine the kinds of services it should offer to women.  Of course, respondents are queried about their position on termination of pregnancy.

As my knowledge and understanding of life and existence increase, so does my perspective on the purpose of birth and the legal wranglings surrounding "choice" and "right to life".  At this point in my life, I'm at the following state of consciousness:

To have sex is an agreement a woman and man make unless either is forced into it.  Both know that unprotected sex can result in pregnancy. I know that the spark of life occurs at conception.  I don't know when the ori comes into the growing body.  I believe termination of pregnancy is a serious matter on an ancestral level.  A woman must make the choice to stop or foster the growth and live with this decision.  The dominating culture doesn't teach people the ancestral aspect of life and has people argue over whether God is in disfavor of abortion when the issue is permitting an ancestor(s) to materialize just as you had the chance to do so.

At another point my state of consciousness will probably be different.

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